Suspected red rice 6 phone real machine exposure appearance is not much surprise.

TechWeb (report) recently, in order to prepare the new products to be listed in the market, almost every day has the rhythm of new products coming out, of course, not only millet mobile, but also rice ecological chain products and other equipment. But for millet, the real important is the red rice series, because the red rice series products occupy the vast majority of the mobile phone sales of millet, and the red rice series seems to be brewing a new product.

IOS11 high degree of satisfaction iOS12 also pay attention to the old iPhone. What do you think?

Before Apple’s WWDC2018 was formally convened, it is estimated that some people still have some bias against the iOS11 system. On the one hand, the iOS11 system seems to be unfriendly to the old apple iPhone, so many old iPhone users who have upgraded to the iOS11 system think that the device will slow down; on the other hand, last year, the apple was upgraded by the iOS system to make some old iPhone processors down, and finally it was a big storm. Until the subsequent iOS11 system added the battery health function to the small version, the mood of the old iPhone users eased.