Can millet 8SE fight the glory of Play? The net friend said the truth

The two most recent mobile phones are millet 8SE and glory Play. These two phones can be said to be the first choice of our student party and office workers. Millet 8SE and the glory of Play not only a strong configuration, even Yan value is very good, originally the two mobile phones have not been implicated, but in the price is still a more intense collision. The prices of these two phones are all priced at 1999 yuan. In terms of the mobile phone itself, this price is still very cost-effective in today’s market.

Millet 8 can not get? HUAWEI’s new machine is coming again! Limit AI experience + 500 days without carton!

Millet 8 can not get? HUAWEI’s new machine grabs the limelight, limit AI experience +500 days, not carton! With the rapid development of Internet technology, it can be said that we have brought an endless stream of black technology, since entering 2018, the competition in the smartphone market has continued to intensify. The major mobile phone manufacturers are also not allowed to introduce a number of black technology to the mobile phone from vivo X21 to HUAWEI P20’s Leica three. Like head, and then to the millet 8 released soon, these phones attract lots of users’ attention with their own black technology. However, in general, millet 8 may be a relatively suffocating flagship mobile phone, because no spot, robbing and other factors have become the soft rib of millet 8, and millet 8 after less than a week, and a powerful competitor crushed, maybe millet has the most suffocating flagship cell phone ever!

Lei Jun Pro: millet 8 series will exceed 100 million units this month.

[IT168 mobile phone] millet 8 and 8 SE officially unveiled at the May 31st press conference, and millet 8 mobile phone was first sold. The first sale on June 5th was sold out in a very short time. However, Lei Jun recently said in its micro-blog that the capacity of millet 8 and millet 8 SE is climbing rapidly, and it is expected that more than 1 million units will be supplied this month. Xiaomi 6X has also been sold all over the market after two months of capacity climbing.

Who is better than the 8 exploration version of the millet 8? Why should the exploration edition cost hundreds of dollars?

Not long ago, millet company opened a very large conference in Shenzhen, released a lot of products, and released the latest flagship products of millet: millet 8, millet 8 exploration version and millet 8 SE. For the millet phone, our first impression is that the price ratio is high, only compared with millet 8 and millet 8 exploration version, but found millet 8 exploration edition is hundreds of yuan, what is the difference between them in the end?

Millet 8 lost glory 10, where is their gap?

In the middle of domestic mobile phones, only millet can match HUAWEI. Whenever HUAWEI or millet has new products, netizens have compared it with the other’s new products; that this millet 8, although just a week, we may have just got a cell phone, but a mobile phone enthusiast has compared it with the HUAWEI glory 10, and thinks the glory 10 is better than the smaller one. M 8..

Ios12 software startup speed up 40%! Is the old model worth upgrading?

Apple WWDC global conference does not publish a hardware product, the main system software optimization, ios12 is the only bright spot in this conference, the speed of publicity software start forty percent! Xiaobian despises this kind of fallacy, because every generation’s system is to change the system too fluently “bug”. Is this true? Xiaobian uses his own iPhone7 test, and the result is a bit unexpected.